mediacult advises national and international level decision makers from the public realm, civil society, and business, offering an empirical base for implementing measures. The staff members’ methodical competence allows the institute to react flexibly to inquiries from public administration, civil society, and business. Surveys, evaluations, and export reports on media and culture industries are carried out quickly and competently.

Projects & References:

Participation in a fair and transparent system of collective rights management

Participation in a fair and transparent system of collective rights management

Perceptions and needs of young composers regarding royalties and collective rights societies

clients: AKM and austro mechana

Project management and research: Gerhard Geiger

Project assistance: Sabine Schwenk

Duration: September 2015 – Mai 2016

Every year many young composers enter the Austrian collective rights societies AKM and austro mechana. In order to adapt services according to changing requirements, generating knowledge on needs, preferences, attitudes, objectives and relevant decisions of young generations of composers is important. Between october and december 2015 mediacult interviewed 30 composing musicians aged from 18 to 32 focussing on the aformentioned issues. In order to better grasp the problem mediacult also interviewed four representatives of AKM and austro mechana. The interviews were subjected to a content analysis. The study carries hints and suggestions how to improve achieving young composers and adapting services corresponding with their needs and requirements.

 The study may be obtained upon request directed to AKM and austro mechana.








Creative Industries in Vienna

Funding: City of Vienna, Economic Chamber of Vienna, Filmfonds Wien
Cooperation: mediacult, WIFO, Österreichische Kulturdokumentation
Team: Robert Harauer, Günther Landsteiner
Duration: January 2003 – February 2004


The location Vienna takes an important position for creative industries nationally as well as internationally. Especially classical music, museum and theater, but also architecture, the audiovisual sector and multimedia show internationally networked or dynamic sectors of the Viennese creative industries. The task of the study is to investigate the Viennese creative industries in regard to their potential in regard to the market, innovation and employment. Therefore, the following sectors were defined by the City of Vienna:

– Architecture

– Fine arts

– Graphic design, fashion, arts design, software, multimedia

– Printing press

– Performing arts, popular entertainment

– Museum, libraries, galleries

– Music industry

– Publishing and literature

– Audiovisual sector

Three of these sectors, namely music industry, audiovisual sector, and, graphic design, fashion, arts design, etc. will be analyzed in detail. Therein, a cluster potential analysis will be pursued on the bases of a survey with enterprises. The final analysis will include not only the state of the art of the enterprises, but also contextual fields, like education and research sectors as well as the interrelation with cultural institutions. On the foundation of a final analysis of strengths and shortcomings of the mentioned sectors, data-protected information and recommendations will be also provided not only on the future-demand and opportunities for development, but also actual market deficits and shortcomings will be elaborated.

Further information:

Survey: Forward Creative Conference 2013



Im September 2013 fand in Wien im Rahmen der Street Art Ausstellung "Cash, Cans & Candy" der Galerie Hilger die "Forward Creative Conference" statt. Ziel der Veranstaltung war es eine Kommunikationsplattform für die Kreativszene und führende Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden aus den Bereichen Grafikdesign, Street Art, Film und Kunstmanagement zu schaffen. Um das Potential für künftige Veranstaltungen abzuschätzen, wurde die Konferenz von mediacult in Form einer Besucherbefragung begleitet.

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